Monica Amuleti Stella Marina

With an instantly recognizable and sophisticated design that captures infinite color combinations, the StellaMarina_beloved collection comes to life with this reinterpretation in a contemporary key. A product designed and personalized just for you, accompanied by an authentic craftsmanship and a dedicated packaging. 

A harmonious combination of 18kt rose gold and white gold finished with small diamond lights for a versatile and everyday style.

A new contemporary and refined design that creates a story between past, present and future.

The Starfish is a symbol of positivity, a source of light and happiness. In nature it has the ability to regenerate itself, it is a perfect example of resistance to adversity.

A new sustainability project with a dedicated product and packaging for a unique and authentic craftsmanship, symbol of a certain type of manufacturing and local culture understood as growth and improvement of the quality of life in respect of everything that surrounds us.

Sustainability means "Certified Origin of Diamonds". The "Kimberly Process" guarantees control over extraction and certification for the entire supply chain.

The gold supply is guaranteed by "International Certifications", which promote the use of precious metals extracted in a responsible and transparent way.

A special service for you: through the Co-Creation Experience, you can write your favorite initials on your favorite jewel and carry with you your dearest memories. Jewels that are part of you and your personality.

We are waiting for you to Co-Create your #StellaMarina_beloved.

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